Crawford, Merritt & Company

Due Dates   

                   ​           Information due     Original Tax              Information for                     Extended                                                      to us by:            due date          extension due to us by:              Due Date                                                                                                                             
Business Returns       February 28           March 16                  August 31                        September 15
Individual Returns        March 31              April 15                    September 30                 October 15 

I won't be ready to file my return on time, what do I need to do?  An extension can be filed to extend the filing of your return from March 15 to September 15 for business returns or from April 15 to October 15 for personal returns.    AN EXTENSION ONLY EXTENDS THE TIME TO FILE, NOT THE TIME TO PAY.  If you think you will owe taxes, you should pay an estimate of what you owe by the original due date or you will owe interest and penalties for late payment. If you would like us to file your extension for you, please email Duby. 
I need W-2s and/or 1099s prepared for my business, what do you need?     We have a list of the documents we need to prepare your returns.  f you need W-2s prepared or 1099s prepared for your business we are happy to help.  
How do I pay online for taxes owed to IRS and/or State or check on my tax refunds? 

If you can not pay in full, you can request a payment plan online at :

Business must make payments through EFTPS.

How long do I need to keep tax records?  See this detailed list of what you need to keep and for how long.  
I have moved, how do I inform the IRS?  The IRS requires Form 8822 to change the address with the IRS.  .
I made estimated tax payments this year, how do I let you know that?  Please include this information when you submit your tax documents.  We have a handy recap sheet for you to keep track.  
I need to mail the IRS or Georgia, what addresses do I use?  Here is a list of common addresses and websites for IRS and Georgia with address links. 
Stimulus Updates.  Check here for IRS stimulus Updates.
I'm not sure what has came from the IRS, can you help me?  Here is a list of common tax scams, but you are always welcome to contact us about any information or calls you receive from the IRS.  The IRS will not call you, will not demand payment on the spot and will not ever ask for payment via gift cards.  When in doubt, please call us first. 
What information is needed to complete my returns?  We need all your tax documents and anything you might think is tax related. We have a detailed tax organizer or a checklist that you can use to accumulate your information if you choose to, we do not require that you complete the tax organizer.  For Business tax returns, we have a general checklist.  If we have not prepared your returns before, we will need driver's licenses for the Taxpayer and Spouse as well as full names, social security numbers and birth dates for all children and/or dependents.